A 24/7 digital learning environment that saves students time while gaining qualification in food safety – a first in Malta. Study & take exams swiftly and at your pace! These courses are also designed for foreign students coming to Malta and seeking employment in the catering industry. Q² gives you the opportunity to get certified immediately upon completion to facilitate the process to get your working permit. Courses are certified by the Malta Food Safety Commission.


The Food Handling Courses, Licenses A & B, are intended for those persons who are directly and indirectly involved in the preparation of food. As per L.N. 178/2001, all those that work in the food & catering industry, such as chefs, waiters, bar attendants and supermarket staff, require this license.

License A is a basic course intended for food handlers who are NOT directly involved in the preparation and personal handling of high-risk, unwrapped food. The license is valid for 2 years.

License B is an advanced course intended for employers, managers, supervisors and persons directly engaged in the preparation and handling of high risk open food. The license is valid for 5 years.

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HACCP Awareness Course – Level 1

This training provides an overview of the purpose and requirements of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification […]


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Free Downloads

Recipe Reporting & Traceability Record

This document is used to keep track of the ingredients used in a recipe, improving consistency and facilitating the user to be in compliance to the EU regulation for Traceability EC178/2002.

Cleaning Schedule and Record

This document has three tabs, one is a schedule where the items and the frequency of cleaning are logged in. The Second tab is a record of when the actually cleaning is undertaken. The third is a Cleaning Instruction Card whereby the process is explained. This document is a necessity to EU Regulation on Hygiene of Food Staffs EC852/2004.


Freezer-Refrigerator Temperature Log

This document will help you keep records of the temperature of Refrigerators and Freezers as is a necessity to EU Regulation on Hygiene of Food Staffs EC852/2004.

Allergen Assessment Chart

This document will help you assess your products for any allergen these may be contained. Once completed this chart maybe added to a menu to advise customer of the allergens within each plate. This assessment is necessary according to the EU Labelling Regulation on the provision of food Information to Customers.

Employee Training Records

Training is a fundamental HACCP prerequisite and records are a must for every employer and employee. HACCP is a legal requirement according to the EU Regulation on Hygiene of Food Staffs EC852/2004.

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