Effective Quality Management Practices is a course aimed to assist people who plan to hold a supervisory or managerial position, with or without previous experience.

Its contents will make the reader analyze scenarios in a methodological manner, think critically, keep track of planned actions and find solutions to arising problems.


Course Content

  • Learn how to solve problems and think strategically
  • Investigate non-conforming processes
  • Risk Assess the situation
  • Run a Root Cause Analysis
  • Implement a Corrective Action
  • Implement a Preventive Action
  • Verify the effectiveness of the actions taken
  • Principles of continuous improvement
  • PDCA cycle
  • Cost of Quality
  • Elements of Time Management
  • Prioritizing task lists
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Eisenhower Matrix
  • Real-life case studies

Target Audience

Supervisors, Junior Managers, Production Managers, Service Managers, Operations Managers, General Managers, HACCP team members, CCP owners and substitutes, Food and Beverage Managers, Executive Chefs, Quality Managers, Quality Assurance Assistants, Quality System auditors. People involved in change management.

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